Electrical Hazards

Published: 13th May 2011
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Electricity has played a major role in the development of technology. Without it, computers, telecommunication devices, and various electronic gadgets will not come to its existence.

The demand for electricity rapidly grows ever since it was developed. Because of its many uses, electricity can be considered as one of the basic needs of an individual. One of the important uses of electricity is lighting. From small houses to giant buildings, light is an essential part because anyone of us does not want to live a dark world. Another main application of electricity is refrigeration and air conditioning.

While there are so many uses of electricity, there come also the various electric hazards. One of these electric hazards is the electric shock. Different effects may be experienced by a person who accidental touched an open portion of an electric circuit. When someone gets electrically shocked, there is sufficient amount of current that was enabled to pass through the personís body and the severity of its effect mainly depends on the rating and duration of the current flow. For direct current (DC), the minimum current rate that can shock a person is 5mA while for alternating current (AC), 1mA has a significant effect already. Electric shock may cause burns, ventricular fibrillation, neurological effects, and arc-flash hazards. These results may lead to comatose and even death.

Another serious electrical hazard is its tendency to start a fire. The most common thing that will probably cause fire is a short circuit. A short circuit is the one whose pair of lines is accidentally connected by another conductor. It may be due to faulty wiring connection or unintended contact of a piece of conductor in the circuit. When there is a short circuit, a spark occurs that may eventually cause fire and explosion. Therefore, it is very necessary to ask for the assistance of an electrician whenever there is an electrical wiring to be made. An electrician in Minneapolis is knowledgeable of the safety measures in making wiring connections.

Furthermore, prevention of various electrical hazards can be done by simply consulting to experts in electricity. Before making any operation regarding electricity, it is a must to ask an electrician Minneapolis has to determine whether it is a safe connection or not.

Electricity is important but improper use of it may lead to serious accidents. As human beings, we are not strong enough to endure its effects when it flows within our body so safety is our best defense against those hazards. For more information regarding safety, an electrician in Minneapolis may be consulted.

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